My Mother

Mother & Daughter Mutter-Tochter-klein2

One of the biggest problems with the Menopause is women not talking about it or sharing their experiences with their daughters. In this weeks blog Anna shares her story of how her Mothers menopause was brought on early by breast cancer and how her mothers openness helped shaped her attitude to life and her own period when it came.

Memories of my mom from my childhood are clear images. On Saturday mornings, she would burst through the front door, dripping in salty sweat after her morning run. Her image as I looked up at her, silhouetted in the door frame, crystallised in my memory.

She had my twin brother and me at 38. Most people might consider that late because her ‘biological clock’ was ticking. Maybe it took her till almost 40 to be a dimensional, complex woman and a loving, devoted mother. The impact she had on me, from  girl to woman, was profound. She shaped my conception of womanhood: strength, playfulness, and a pinch of disregard for rules. Continue reading My Mother