How I Used My Voice to Affect Change.

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This week Fiona Gaye tells her story about how the lack of adequate support from her GP, with the menopausal symptoms she was experiencing, empowered her to get involved with her local Patient Participation Group to help affect change to local services.

It started one Sunday morning with an uncontrollable flooding, unquenchable thirst, dizziness and cold sweats. After that, bad bouts of insomnia, mood swings depression, a feeling of worthlessness, listlessness and fatigue, leaving me feeling as if I was having a semi nervous breakdown. All I wanted to do was lay on the settee for a year and a half. On a bad day I could not drive because I felt clumsy and uncoordinated, anxious and shaky, and somehow I just knew that something was very, very wrong.
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How Can GP’s Better Support Women Through Menopausal Transition?

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Hands Inc were recently funded by the London Borough of Hackney to deliver a series of workshops for women to explore their experiences, concerns and issues related to the menopause. We delivered 12 weekly workshops; one to one health consultations; some of the audio stories and short films featured in the women’s stories section of this site and established this on-line resource that we hope will continue to serve the needs of women wanting to explore the menopause.

We asked the women who took part in the programme a series of questions to get a sense of what was important to them and what sort of changes they would like to see within public health care to make things better for menopausal women. The following are a few of the things that they saw as key to making a positive impact: Continue reading How Can GP’s Better Support Women Through Menopausal Transition?

Talking to GP’s About the Menopause

Going to the GP to discuss the menopause can be a daunting task for many women. In our short audio story Fifi tells about her experience of visiting her GP and why one trip to your GP is not often enough.

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Remember we welcome any story you would like to share about the menopause to help enlighten and support other women.