Great Wall Of Vagina Exhibition

The menopause can have an impact on women’s sexual lives in many ways including loss of libido or vaginal dryness. But often times overriding this is how women feel about themselves sexually or what they think they should look like. The mass media and porn project images of women that doesn’t really reflect what the majority of women look like. Even more so when it comes to women’s genitalia and the current fashion of removing any visible sign of hair.

Well here is an opportunity to shatter the myths of what women’s vagina’s look like. Sh! Erotic Emporium, the award winning female focused sex shop is collaborating with Jamie McCartney, the creator of the Great Wall of Vagina Art Project.

I would personally like to say a big thanks to all those brave women having a Brazilian wax to so you could get a better look!

ARTIST TALK AND BOOK SIGNING – Saturday April 2nd at 12.30


Sh! cordially invites you to an afternoon about art, body image and the wonderful range of shapes, and sizes of the female vulva. Concerned about the rise in procedures such as labiaplasty and the torrent of unrealistic expectations about how the female body should look,

While his work is on display in the shop during the whole month, from 12.30 on the 2nd of April Sh! will be hosting an in store book signing and talk with Jamie McCartney about art, vaginas and his motivations. And those of you who might want to keep a lasting memory, can enter a draw for a place on The Great Wall of Vagina, a casting session with the artist himself.

Sh! recently conducted our own survey of over 100 women to find out how they felt about their labia’s. The results were startling 17% of the women we asked said they either had considered or would consider getting surgery to shorten or shape their labia. 23% felt judged or were concerned about being judged by a partner on the appearance of their labia. Interestingly only 12.5% of lesbian identifying women felt judged or worried about their labia’s compared with 20% of straight women and a worrying 30% of bisexual women. Bisexual women were also the most likely to have considered surgery.

Sh! are really interested in why that might be. It seems like judgement or the fear of judgement might be more common in women with male sex partners. This might be because women with male partners have seen a less diverse range of vulva’s or because women feel men are more likely to be comparing them to porn. Straight identifying women were also the least likely to love their lips (43%). Whereas bisexual women were the most likely (54%) so it does seem like taking some time to appreciate the beauty of all vulva’s is good for your body image.

Sh! think it’s important for more women to see more images of real vulva’s, at any age it’s an education. Labiaplasty is becoming increasingly common among very young women and we’d like to see more efforts to let young people know that vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and that they are all beautiful. So they would really like you to come along to the event or write about the project.

When :Exhibition runs 2nd April – 2nd May 2016

Where: Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

Phone: 020 7613 5458           Contact: Renee Denyer for more info

For more information about Jamie and his Great Wall of China Project visit