Menopause Lab Rat!

One of the overriding comments that women make about the menopause is feeling a lack of control over themselves or their bodies. Some even say that surrendering to the unknown is part and parcel of the menopause transition.

Today’s blog features a piece written by Ular, a woman in her late 50’s, one Sunday morning while in the grips of the menopause blue.


Woke up sweaty, hot and bloated. “Why?” I ask myself.

A shower. Surely that will cool me down.

Whose body is this? Raw, listless, sweating.

Breakfast: surely that’s something I can do.

Breakfast’s done, I should feel better.

But no.

Limp and aching. I need to lie down; curl up into a ball to calm the throbbing in my body.


Have I been prodded and probed, injected with an illness

That runs rampant through my body, replacing my energy with pain.

Please make the pains stop; the monthly show, I can handle that.

But being a lab rat for the menopausal?