Menopause & Me

You can read a lot about the negative aspect of the menopause but it can also be a time of inspiration and creativity for a  lot of women. Here is a lovely piece of prose produced by one of the members of our short 6week menopause group.

Meno graphic

So there I was minding my own business and here she arrives,

causing chaos like an old friend you no longer see

making me aggressive and masculine so I’ve been told

Irritated and annoyed for no good reason.

Coming into my life trying to turn it upside down at only 46 years old

“Go away”, I said

Would prefer you to annoy someone else…..

making me wake in the middle of the night

soaking wet from sweating

I never sweated after a heavy gym session or fun session

but here I am sleeping….

minding my business

and you wake me up so I have to change my bed and clothes

“How spiteful are you?” especially when I’m so tired!

You’ve caused me no end of problems down there

Ovarian Cysts




Lack of sex drive



and almost wilting as if the flower is dying.

I speak to women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who don’t even have half of these problems

“So Why annoy me with it?”

“Haven’t I been through enough?”

So I was thinking my symptoms started a year after I got sterilised 4/5 years ago

“Was you angry?”

I cried but contemplated that decision for nearly 5 years

I’m not angry

I just want to know WHY you decided to come when I wasn’t ready !! 


By Hyacinth Myers

Course participant 2018




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