Take part in a survey about the menopause and work by University of Bristol



Following our report ‘The effects of menopause transition on women’s economic participation in the UK’ for the Government Equality Office, we are conducting a survey of working-age women and men and their knowledge, views and experiences of menopause at work. The survey aims to provide an insight into all women and men’s views and experiences, so we would like as many people as possible to take part. Follow the link to start the survey and distribute the link widely!


The survey does not require you to provide a name or contact details, so your anonymity is guaranteed.

We have been working with a range of organisations to address the menopause taboo and implement changes in workplaces. But we still know very little about how people feel about menopause at work and who is affected how. This is especially the case for workers in manual and/or low-paid employment, the views of colleagues and line managers, and how the experiences of mid-life working women and mid-life working men compare. The results from the survey will allow us to understand menopause issues in workplaces better.

We will make an overview report of the findings publicly available via the channels used to distribute this survey.

Please participate in the survey and distribute the link to your professional and social networks.

Vanessa Beck (University of Bristol)

Jo Brewis (The Open University)

Andrea Davies (University of Leicester)

Survey: https://efim.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/menopause-survey

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