Useful Medicinal Herbs


menopause herbs

Thanks so much to Hackney Herbal who came to our support group last Thursday and did a lovely workshop all about herbal remedies.  We were able to smell and taste a variety of herbs and then we made some teabags of our favourite ones.  For example:

Lemon balm: Relaxing restorative for nervous system. Uplifting tea. Calming and soothing

Fennel: Leaves, seeds. Digestive aid for wind and indigestion

Lemon Verbena Leaves. Sedative, carminative, Night tea for insomnia

German Chamomile Anti-inflammatory Used to calm digestive and nervous system

Sage Leaves, essential oil traditionally associated with longevity. Reduces sweating,
salivation and lactating, improves menopausal symptoms,
Used for sore throats and tonsillitis

To find out more check out Hackney Herbal  www.


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