Woman’s Hour Looks at CBT for Breast Cancer Patients’ Menopause Symptoms


A segment on the Monday 3 July episode of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour covered a new study being done in Wales and England examining the potential benefits of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for menopausal symptoms in breast cancer patients.

Chemotherapy and hormone suppressing injections lead to menopause-like symptoms in women well ahead of when they might normally experience the menopause. Depending on age, the patient’s “chemopause” can be temporary or permanent. Regardless, the symptoms appear very suddenly and can very difficult to manage. Jodi Wilson was diagnosed at age 25 just months after having her first baby. She describes her post-chemo symptoms as more unbearable than the chemo itself.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Now which are funding the trial and Professor Deborah Fenlon, Nurse Researcher at Swansea University also join Jane Garvey to discuss this three-year study taking place at six breast health centres across England. CBT is common in psychotherapy. This study hopes to proves its benefit to breast cancer patients so that breast care nurses might train in and offer it to their patients in the future.

Listen to the Woman’s Hour story online or on the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

For more on the study visit the Breast Cancer Now site.

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