Finally, I Can Look Forward to Being “Me”

New columnist Carol Hunt makes a splashy, sassy and unapologetic debut in the June 19 issue of The Irish Times online headlined:

If menopause means I’ll be all dried up, why am I so euphoric?

It’s a must read. Hunt throws off “ridiculous self-censorship” and writes from inside the truth of her peri-menopause. Her piece squarely addresses Irish politics and the governance of female bodies. She smashes preconceived notions and shrugs off cultural expectation.

She also serves up some cracking good lines.

I’m now realising that all that stuff they tell you about the menopause being the worst event that happens to a woman in life, bar none, is absolute bollocks.

There have been mood swings and swearing and anger – but no more than from any man in a normal working day.

The night sweats are beyond annoying, the day ones embarrassing. Or they would be if I hadn’t suddenly lost the ability to become embarrassed.

I exercise more – why not? There’s no rule that insists I must let myself go and become an overweight, underachieving nonentity just because I am finally beyond the age of giving birth.

Women are one of the few mammals who live long after their child-bearing days are over. Another is the killer whale

Enjoy the read.

We’d love to hear your uncensored thoughts about your experience of the menopause. Funny, ferocious or freaky, feel free to speak freely in the comments here and/or on our Facebook page.




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