Detective Honoured for Menopause Support

Read the full story at The Police Federation website

17 May 2017

Dame Vera Baird and DC Keeley Mansell
Dame Vera Baird and DC Keeley Mansell

Detective Constable Keeley Mansell found herself experiencing the menopause without any support. So she created it for herself and her colleagues. Her efforts have earned her the National Women in Policing award.

Speaking about the award, the detective said: “I am delighted and so grateful to receive such a prestigious award.

“Having written policy and guidance around such a taboo subject, the menopause, I hope other women will achieve their goals, knowing they will now have the support and guidance required within the police service.”

Read the full story HERE

And as always, feel free to join the discussion about the menopause and work at our Facebook page.

Another on finding no one to talk with at work:
There was no feedback at all. Some of them would be be like “oh, don’t want to talk about that” because I don’t want to even register that I’m old or dried up or am on the shelf, it was all “oh no don’t you come here talking about that sort of thing!” *laughter* and so I sort of like plotted out and tried to find information myself basically. And then ended up here.
A third woman found her emotions interfering with her work:
Well, at the beginning, because I didn’t know what it was. And I was having these ups and downs with my emotions. And suddenly not being able to deal with, like, work situations, as well as I used to. And just feeling terrible. Having real moments of feeling awful, really really awful.

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