Kirsty Wark talking about the Menopause On BBC


Times have changed!  This was interesting if just for the fact that it is highlighting issues that never used to be talked about.  Who knew there was a British Menopause Society and a magazine called Menopause Matters!?

Kirsty talked about how how shockingly uninformed most of us are about the menopause and I am realsing how true this is the more I learn and manage to separate fact from myth. We need to learn about  being good to ourselves and learn the best ways to cope with our menopausal symptoms so that we are better prepared to have the best possible older age, especially as we are living longer.  As Kirsty pointed out  we might spend a third of our lives as post menopausal!

Although Kirsty was worried about her bone density no-one mentioned yoga as a good way to keep those bones strong.

The best part of the programme for me was seeing a group of women sitting round a table laughing over their individual stories as it reminded me of our Support Group and how it really does help to share experiences.

NOTE: Apologies to our subscribers who received bad links to this post today.

Photograph: BBC Scotland/Maramedia

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