So What Are the Menopause Symptoms?

By: Laura Papp

Right off the bat I loved 34 Menopause Symptoms’ web page.  The aesthetic of the page is light hearted, professional and accessible without feeling aggressively feminine centered or portraying menopause as some sort of crazy health condition.  Upon visiting the home page, readers can easily select experienced symptoms from a list and be immediately linked to further information regarding the symptom, including medical explanations, suggested coping or treatment strategies, and more.  Not only does the website provide a huge wealth of information on a range of symptoms, it makes clear that many of the 34 symptoms are extremely common, which helps normalize what can be a difficult topic for menopausal women to discuss.

The website also offers social media links at the top of the page for easy saving or sharing with family, friends, and fellow women.  All in all, the site is easy to use and chock full of helpful tid bits that could make a huge difference for menopausal women, especially those who don’t feel like they have a good understanding of the change their bodies are going through.  In my opinion, 34 Menopause Symptoms is an easy starting point for understanding menopause and for that reason should be every woman’s go to for information regarding their menopause symptoms.

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