Essential Oils and the Menopause

By: Mary Senzig

I found Olivia’s page about essential oils and the menopause to be very informative. It’s found here at: . It started with her defining the menopause, though it was pretty basic, there was a space for a reader to enter their contact information and be emailed a longer, more detailed list of menopausal symptoms and information. The page then moved into which oils worked well for treating menopausal symptoms. She talks about how there are essential oils for improving estrogen levels, for balancing hormones, and for hot flushes. I was really surprised to learn how many different oils can help alleviate such symptoms. When she was introducing these oils, I was curious as how to use them? Do you just use the oil without mixing it? Where do you apply it? How often should it be applied?

menopause herbs

I shouldn’t have worried because Olivia’s next section was how to use the essential oils. She suggests five different methods, from lotion to inhalation techniques to bath oils. I was very impressed with the way she offered oils as well as ways to use them. I thought the page would be completed at this point- surely she had given enough information! But then she had a section on recipes. These combined different oils in different amounts to soothe certain ailments. She had recipes for vaginal massage, instant relief for hot flushes, swelling and water retention, and many others! There were 12 in total.

She did end with a small section on how essential oils could help with mental and emotional issues, like mood swings. Olivia’s post made me want to invest in some essential oils, relax, and take a bath with some of them – and I’m not even menopausal, or having the issues she described they would help with! I can definitely see why some would turn to essential oils; they seem so relaxing and natural

menopause_oilsIn terms of the design of the website, I really enjoyed my experience on Olivia’s page about essential oils. It was bright and easy to read. There were some graphics and images, but not too many that it overwhelmed the point she was trying to make. The only issue I had with it was it was a lot of scrolling. If I were to redesign it, I would put the subheadings in drop down boxes, rather than scrolling down one large page to find the information all the way at the bottom. Overall, this page was easy to use and welcoming, as well as providing a lot of really interesting and useful information. I would recommend checking this site out!

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