3am Writings…

For some women no matter what the relationship with their menstrual cycle, when it finally stops there can be a period of relief and then lament. In today’s blog we feature a poem by Charlie Sundstrom.

Top on
Top off
Top on
Top off
These heat waves
(hot flushes sound to me like an efficient boiling water toilet cleaning system!)
a marketing name
And it doesn’t flush. It shoots out from my chest like
one of those superpower characters !
travelling instantly to my face, my arms, leaves my back damp 
and my face blushing,
ha! God found a way of making me blush after all.
My blood has gone these last months,
into the energetic realm where now
the earthly connection of lunar,
tide, flow, women, has changed
into something more encompassing -
it seems.
Where a fractional glimpse of a thought, if
of a lesser vibration than love, than connection,
than the essence of what we are
can bring on an instant heatwave
showing me just how strongly each thought impacts
upon my body, 
my being, my connection to all life.
Where now too I know that for those of you still bleeding
Celebrate! Celebrate like I never did
Even in your pain and your mourning celebrate
Take your blood, this precious liquid
and offer it to the earth
Smear it over your face, your body,
scare your neighbours!
Laugh like a lunatic!
Paint the most red painting of different hues and textures
of internally you that you’ve ever seen
spend months doing it, years even!
So that later, one day, when your blood has changed form,
like water into vapour
you too will
see the story of the physical flow you once had
All your joy, your loss, your indifference.
Scare the shit out of your lover,
as I once did my boyfriend, finding my sacred, glee-filled
cackling whore as he looked down in horror
upon his perceived shredded cock.
A sweet smiling memory.
Celebrate that physical
while I now more quietly celebrate this new tide of power, wisdom,
connection and tenderness that seems t to flow,
And by the way, what the hell is men-o-pause?
What are men to do with it?
and I certainly won’t be pausing.
Wish I could sleep though.

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