Women’s Top 10 Tips for the Menopause

During our recent pilot menopause programme we asked women if they were going to give advice about managing menopause symptoms to other women, what would they recommend?

Top 10 Tips for the Menopause:

1. Menopause awareness should be incorporated in sex education for teenagers so that when they get to that age, it’s not such a mystery or even a shock!!

2. If you are feeling very warm and have not done exercise or exertion it may be a sign of menopause hot flushes. Pay attention to your body and learn the signs of menopause

3. Get yourself something to help sooth hot flushes. For example fans, thin layers that can be removed easily, lavender and geranium essential oils diluted with water in a spray bottle, wear natural fibres to help your skin breath

4. Find out about complementary therapies and how they might be able to support you with managing symptoms. For example massage, homoeopathy, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicines (see our TCM blog on 2nd June).

5. Look at the menopause as a positive thing and an opportunity to start a new chapter in your life as being a woman

6. Exercise helps to rebalance energy levels and is a great de-stressor. A lot of menopause symptoms can be triggered by stressful situations

7. Menopause marks a time to focus on being kind to yourself and looking after yourself. Look after your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs

8. Menopause is a natural process of change. Talk about it, it helps to break the taboo. All women go through this, you are not alone!!

9. Start nourishing your body and notice what you are eating to ease the menopause. Notice what your body naturally wants and the negative impact of some foods you may be eating. Drink more water, reduce sugar, salts, and processed foods. Increase protein in every meal to help reduce cravings.

10. Educate yourself about the menopause. This can be simply talking to other women, especially older women who have already been through the process, check out websites and blogs. Visit libraries, share what you have learned about menopause with others, talk to GP’s & other health professionals.

Do you have anything else that you would recommend to other women about managing the menopause symptoms?? We would love to hear from you with your stories or experiences. Please forward them to us at handsinc@handsinc.co.uk

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