How Can GP’s Better Support Women Through Menopausal Transition?

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Hands Inc were recently funded by the London Borough of Hackney to deliver a series of workshops for women to explore their experiences, concerns and issues related to the menopause. We delivered 12 weekly workshops; one to one health consultations; some of the audio stories and short films featured in the women’s stories section of this site and established this on-line resource that we hope will continue to serve the needs of women wanting to explore the menopause.

We asked the women who took part in the programme a series of questions to get a sense of what was important to them and what sort of changes they would like to see within public health care to make things better for menopausal women. The following are a few of the things that they saw as key to making a positive impact:

What women want from GP’s to support their menopausal transition:

More comprehensive therapeutic approach to the menopause

All GP’s to receive on going training and education on:

  • sexual health
  • gynaecology
  • menopause

More classes like the programme that Hands Inc provided to inform both women and men about the impact of the menopause and a holistic approach for self management

More ‘user friendly’ information given to women from GPs and more signposting to support services

Menopause information packet from GP’s exploring the medical model alongside a holistic and selfhelp approach

Opening for self-help groups and holistic approach in GP settings

More information to women who have hysterectomy and cancer in relation to menopause

Hands Inc has been working with City & Hackney’s Healthwatch (the local NHS watchdog), and will be taking part in the NHS Community Voices Menopause Matters Event. to help find out what local women would like from a community gynaecology service?

So why not come along and have your say with the people who are designing the services in City & Hackney. If you are unable to attend but would like to express a view on the matter please send us an email to

NHS Community Voices: Menopause Matters Event

Date: Tuesday 26 May 2015

Time: 18:00-20:00

Venue: Hackney CVS, 84 Springfield House, 5 Tyssen Street, E8 2LY


Siobhan Harper: Planned Care Programme Director: Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Sandra Watson: Lead Gynaecology Consultant: Homerton Hospital

Eileen Bellot: Director of Hands Inc: a holistic approach to the menopause

Sonia Hall: GP Confederation

Contact: 020 7923 8367

2 thoughts on “How Can GP’s Better Support Women Through Menopausal Transition?

  1. What women want from GP’s to support their menopausal transition is a bit more understanding to our needs. We understand our body and the changes its going through – hot flushes, temper tantrums, tiredness = don’t just tell us that we are rundown, stressed, or even low in iron!!


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